September 2014

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Omnichannel Is the New Black

The term “multichannel experience” is no longer the reigning buzzword. Concerns about how to engage customers across different channels are being edged out by a larger challenge: connecting those channels to provide a seamless, or omnichannel experience. Continue Reading »

By Judith Aquino
Posted on Sep 01, 2014 in Customer Experience

Industry In-Depth

8 ‘Crazy’ Insights: The Retailer’s Guide to Holiday Customer Service Success

For those who focus on building customer relationships and strengthening loyalty year-round, great holiday customer service remains the gift that keeps on giving as consumers return for every occasion. Continue Reading »

By Anna Papachristos
Posted on Sep 01, 2014 in Customer Service

Last Month


Speech Analytics Goes Back to the Future

Though voice conversations and customer service calls may seem like things of the past, speech technology and data analytics continue to usher such interactions quickly into the future—no flux capacitor necessary. Continue Reading »

By Anna Papachristos
Posted on Aug 04, 2014 in Data Analytics

The Skinny on Customer-Controlled Data

Giving consumers more control over the information that is being collected about them could be smart business. Continue Reading »

By Judith Aquino
Posted on Aug 11, 2014 in Customer Strategy

Putting SMBs on the Path to Omnichannel Support

While large companies are speeding ahead, using their bigger budgets to invest in the latest omnichannel innovations and meet customer expectations, SMBs—though slow and steady—are taking technology to new levels in an effort to win this race. Continue Reading »

By Anna Papachristos
Posted on Aug 18, 2014 in Emerging Trends

Case Studies

Lenovo Turns Analytics Into a P&L Driver

In the highly competitive PC market, companies are under pressure to provide customers with a relevant message at the right time and place before the customer moves on. A company’s website is one of the key areas for communicating with consumers and PC manufacturer Lenovo wanted to personalize the experience visitors receive on its website, Continue Reading »

By Judith Aquino
Posted on Aug 20, 2014 in Customer Experience

UBM Rouses Inactive Users with Behavioral Insights

Every business has formerly active users who mysteriously fall silent. Inactive users can damage an email marketing list’s reputation, giving companies an incentive to re-engage those customers. Media company UBM Tech, which publishes Information Week among other publications and properties, reached out to its inactive users with content driven by behavioral insights. Continue Reading »

By Judith Aquino
Posted on Aug 27, 2014 in Analytics

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