Customer satisfaction hinges on customer service. Leave the average consumer in limbo too long and you risk closing the door on loyalty and brand advocacy without ever inviting these customers in. But, when putting customer service at the foundation of one's business strategy, companies must also look at the underlying issues that often cause customer relationships to crumble.

As part of its "Customer Satisfaction Issues Survey," Verint polled more than 7,000 consumers from around the globe, including in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, and Russia. The purpose was to assess common customer behaviors and perceptions affecting customer satisfaction around the world. The survey, which focused on five sectors—retail, utilities, financial service, public services, and phone, TV, and broadband—established that service outranks price in importance by a two-to-one margin. Only 22 percent of respondents worldwide believe price outweighs service, while 48 percent favor customer service excellence.

The following statistics further explore how consumers interact with brands and service providers and how service impacts these customer relationships: