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Gartner 1to1 Awards Gartner 1to1 Awards

And the 2013 Americas Winners Are...

Customer Analytics

Gold: Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment: MLSE

The hockey team uses behavioral data and customer insight to better target email campaigns and deliver relevant messaging, focusing on longterm retention over single ticket sales. Read more...

Silver: AAA

The auto clubs federation is leveraging customer data to understand its millions of customers, allowing clubs to interact with their members in a more relevant way. Read more...

Customer Experience Excellence

Gold: Intuit, Inc.

Gathering and acting upon an extensive array of customer input has helped Intuit drive higher satisfaction and renewal rates. Read more...

Silver: United Airlines

The airline is making extensive use of data about its frequent flyers and non-members to deliver richer experiences and offers. Read more...

Customer Service Optimization Excellence

Gold: Cisco

Users and experts help shape and create content, enabling Cisco's effort to boost loyalty and personalize the consumer Web experience. Read more...

Silver: Cigna

Cigna aims to make healthcare a fun, relevant part of each person's everyday life by helping every customer reach their full potential. Read more...

Integrated Marketing Performance

Gold: Autodesk, Inc.

The software company added a layer of gamifications to its software trials, allowing users to compete in a more engaging experience. Read more...

Silver: Eaton Corporation

The power management company embarked on a marketing campaign to penetrate the IT market. Read more...

Sales Force Effectiveness

Gold: AgReliant

Mobile CRM is helping the seed company be more agile in its sales process and led to a more robust customer database. Read more...

Silver: Ingram Micro

The tech company has made it easier for resellers to renew service contracts that are about to lapse, leading to an increase in sales and better customer service. Read more...

Social and Mobile Engagement

Gold: Best Western

By integrating customer insight from social review sites, the hotel chain has developed an engagement strategy that values transparency and cultivates trust. Read more...

Silver: Lego

Through fun and imagination, the toymaker's social community expands upon the brand promise by clearing the path for safe, creative storytelling and educational opportunities. Read more...


A panel of judges of Gartner analysts and other industry experts, Including past award winners, reviews the nominations and selects the winners in each category of the Gartner & 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards. This year's judges include:

Guy Benham
Business Improvement Manager
British Gas Company

Ven Bontha
Director of Customer Experience Management

Kim Collins
Managing Vice President

Mila D'Antonio
1to1 Media

Gareth Herschel
Research Director

Steve Jackson
Harry Rossen

Michael Maoz
Vice President, Distinguished Analyst

Jenn McMillen
Division Vice President of Loyalty and CRM

Patrick Stakenas
Vice President, Distinguished Analyst

Jenny Sussin
Senior Research Analyst, Social CRM

Ed Thompson
Vice President, Distinguished ROM

Penny Tootle
Customer Service Supervisor
Las Vegas Valley Water District

Peter Winemiller
Senior Vice President of Guest Relations
Oklahoma City Thunder


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