3 Day Blinds Pairs Data with Targeted Prospecting

Data-driven prospect marketing helps the retailer improve engagement and reduce costs with an 850% increase in leads per click.

The days when companies could drive business with a generic ad are long gone. Consumers are busier than ever and have little patience for irrelevant messages. 3 Day Blinds, a 37-year-old custom window treatment manufacturer and retailer, understood this trend and wanted to improve the way it connects with customers through timely and relevant advertising.

The challenge was that the company didn't have an easy way to personalize its messages to customers at scale, explains Dan Williams, chief revenue officer at 3 Day Blinds.

"The challenge we face with digital marketing is while our consultants do a great job at building relationships with customers, we're not everywhere and we don't have a strong ecommerce presence," Williams says, "But we still have to act like a local retailer."

Earlier this year, 3 Day Blinds turned to Marketo, a marketing automation provider, and Turn, a digital advertising platform, for help engaging current and prospective customers. Through a partnership between these companies, brands can connect their CRM data with ad-buying solutions to deliver targeted ads across channels including the Web, email, mobile, and social media. Using Marketo Ad Bridge, 3 Day Blinds developed segmented groups based on customer interactions with the brand. These segments are then used to execute tailored, paid media campaigns through Turn using an assigned ID.

For example, 3 Day Blinds has email addresses and other contact information from people who expressed interest in a window treatment but didn't make a purchase or schedule an appointment with a specialist. Using this data, 3 Day Blinds created customized messages to follow up with those prospects.

The messages were segmented across different variables such as the level of buying intent, product interests, past purchases, and more. And without using personally identifiable information, Turn attached an ID to prospective customers in each segmented group and matched those IDs within its own database to serve up a targeted ad. Even anonymous prospects who have visited 3 Day Blinds' website can be retargeted based on their location or demographic data.

"The sky's the limit in terms of the number of segments we can create," Williams notes. "So far, we have 28 campaigns running and we're still experimenting. Some of the other campaigns we're considering are based on conquesting (sending ads to customers of competitors) and lookalike audiences."

3 Day Blinds launched its targeted ad campaigns in March and after one month, the company saw an 850 percent increase in leads per click; a 140 percent increase in consultation appointments per lead, and an 80 percent reduction in cost per action in its direct response campaign aimed at generating appointments with design consultants. "Ultimately, we're showing fewer impressions and getting more out of it," Williams says. "Another way of looking at it is we're paying one-fifth of what we were paying to acquire a customer, which is great."

Tying marketing to what an organization knows about its customers and their interests, Williams continues, is essential. "Companies as a whole have to become more thoughtful in how they engage customers if they expect to grow," he says.