Dead Sales Walking: How to Bring the Sales Funnel Back to Life


The traditional sales funnel has been dead for years. The old theory relies on prospects coming into the top of the funnel and falling out of the bottom. But in today's world, customers don't follow a linear path. By integrating contextual data from companies' integrated marketing efforts, sales organizations will have the opportunity to fix the broken sales funnel and personalize each interaction with prospects and customers.


In this 1to1 Media webinar, guest speaker Jim Nail of Forrester Research, Inc.; Jonathan Gray, vp, marketing, Revana; and Michael Behrens, svp, eMarketing, WebMetro, chat with Mila D'Antonio, editor-in-chief of 1to1 Media, about how the right processes, strategies, and technologies help sales leaders integrate customers' contextual data to build a data value chain that delivers the data they need. In doing so, they avoid losing millions in lost revenue and customer relationships.


Attendees will learn:

Why and how the sales funnel is broken

How integrating contextual data from digital marketing with sales can lead to greater revenue

The recommended tools and technologies to help integrate contextual data and fix the broken sales funnel

Best practices from companies that have integrated sales data and are seeing results