Medical Supply Depot Ramps Up on Service Speed

The online medical supply retailer shaves off half its webpage download time and sees a jump in sales conversions

A slow website is disastrous for online retailers as consumers swiftly move between digital devices and content. And as the net neutrality debate continues to play out, business owners are taking a closer look at their download times and service speeds. Meir Tsinman, owner of Medical Supply Depot, understood that speed was critical in keeping customers engaged.

"One of the difficulties in running an online store is that people are impatient," Tsinman says. "They're just a click away from your competitors and one of the biggest challenges for us has been the speed of our website."

Tsinman founded Medical Supply Depot in 2005 and while the demand for the company's products such as wheelchairs, bandages, and diagnostic supplies remained strong, its customers' patience was shrinking. "We needed to keep up and provide our customers with a better user experience," Tsinman explains.

Tsinman tapped Yottaa, a Boston-based company that helps clients like Clarks, H&R Block, and Bleacher Report increase the speed and security of their websites, for help last winter. The average download speed of Medical Supply Depot's webpages ranged from six to 8 eight seconds, depending on the amount of content on each page.

Yottaa applied its technology, which detects a user's location, browser, device, Internet connection, and activities to prioritize the elements that were delivered on Medical Supply Depot's webpages. The firm sliced the load time in half, bringing it down to three to four seconds.

After implementing the solution across the company's site, Medical Supply Depot did an A/B test to compare the results. Tsinman attributes a 9 percent growth in the company's conversion rate and a 13 percent drop in bounce rate to the faster download speed of the company's website. In addition, the amount of time visitors spent on a page increased 50 percent.

"I'm very happy with the results," Tsinman says. He adds that the company's next goal is to enhance its mobile site. Even though the majority of traffic still comes through Medical Supply Depot's desktop site, the company is turning its attention to its mobile site. "We've started to move our focus to our mobile site and we're looking to add responsive elements to the site or [build] a native mobile site," he says.