Reaching "Generation C" Through Big Data


The pervasiveness of smart phones has given birth to a new generation. From paying bills to making dinner reservations, "Generation C" the connected generation, uses their smart devices for just about everything. Whether it's via a tablet device or smart phone, Generation C is generating overwhelming amounts of Big Data, creating an enormous potential for companies to change the way they do business.

Organizations that can harness the power of mobile to optimize engagement with customers will be customer experience leaders. By collecting Big Data from these sources and using sophisticated analytics, companies have the potential to create a truly differentiated experience.


In this 30-minute webcast by 1to1 Media, HP worldwide CRM executive Dennis DeGregor discuss:

The Connected Generation, known as "Generation C," and how they are making big changes to enterprises' customer engagement models

Best practices for harnessing the power Big Data to optimize engagement with customers and create a truly differentiated experience

The use of analytics to make enterprise data relevant, quantifiable, and actionable