Three Crucial Steps for Creating a Frictionless Customer Experience


Customers are more empowered today than ever, and with each new social platform, each new mobile app, their expectations for the next customer experience go up. You are no longer just competing with the other companies in your own category. You are competing with firms like Amazon, USAA, JetBlue, and Zappos companies that provide the best experiences for their customers.

From the customer's point of view the best customer experience is one that is simply frictionless. Customers want their interactions with companies to be seamless and their path to purchase from channel to channel to be effortless. This means not having to repeat things already communicated, not having to worry about whether the product will be delivered on time, and not having to count your change and check your wallet at every juncture.

In this webinar, Don Peppers, founding partner, Peppers & Rogers Group; Judi Hand, president and general manager, Revana Growth Services, and Mila D'Antonio, editor-in-chief, 1to1 Media, discuss three areas of focus to improve the customer experience:

Adopting an omnichannel view of the customer that better aligns with the customer's omnichannel view of your business

Proactively protecting the customer's interest and

Quantifying the financial benefits of increased customer satisfaction

In addtion, attendees will obtain first-hand advice on:

The processes, strategies, and technologies companies can use and implement to unify their channels

Implementing internal procedures and training to ensure employees are delivering trustworthy experiences across all channels

The value in using customer-focused metrics like Net Promoter Score and first-call resolution in gauging the financial impact of delivering a better customer experience



Mila D'Antonio, Editor-in-Chief, 1to1 Media

Don Peppers, Founding Partner, Peppers & Rogers Group

Judi Hand, President and General Manager, Revana Growth Services