American Express' Customer Service Makeover

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1to1 Magazine peeks inside American Express for an update on its mission to become "the most respected service brand in the world."

Credit card companies in general get a bad rap, and in most cases it is justified. But not all of them have predatory business models that consider customers a burden. Three years ago American Express set out on a mission to become "the most respected service brand in the world." How successful has the journey been so far? 1to1 Magazine peeks inside its customer service organization to find out.Today's lead article in 1to1 Magazine focuses on American Express' customer-centric journey. The company created three pillars of "Relationship Care" around which all customer service revolves: employee training, customer-focused hiring, and integrated technology.

For American Express, the relationship is about serving customers, but also serving employees by giving them the right tools and training to allow them to succeed. And so far, customer recommendations and satisfaction levels have increased while attrition rates have declined.

That's the company point of view. What about the customer? Lets hear from you, Amex customers. Have you seen improvements in customer service and American Express' relationship with you? Does the company's customer-centric approach affect your decision to be (or stay) a customer? Have you had negative experiences, or do you have suggestions for improvement?