Digital-First Strategies that Elevate the Customer Experience

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It's unquestionable that technology plays an important role in delivering exceptional customer experiences in today's digital-first world.

It's unquestionable that technology plays an important role in delivering exceptional customer experiences in today's digital-first world. Cloud computing, mobile devices, social media, and customer feedback management platforms are just some of the tools that enable companies to offer their customers the right products and services at the right time. However, digital tools alone are not enough to deliver a satisfying customer experience.In addition to powerful technology, company leaders must have a deep understanding of the challenges they want to address and a strategy for effectively integrating the tools within the organization. Our 2015 1to1 Media Customer Champions are examples of such leaders. They recognize the opportunities technology offers and have successfully implemented digital strategies that elevate the user experience.

For instance, Federal Communications Commission's CIO David Bray saw an opportunity to help people file complaints and find answers to their questions more efficiently with a cloud-based platform. The site, built on Zendesk and rolled out this year, represents a shift away from a 15-year-old, on-premise, legacy, consumer complaints system, and replaces 18 outdated complaints forms. It was the first FCC project rolled out under Bray's 'cloud-first' initiative.

Now citizens can check their statuses, modify complaints online, and get quicker resolution times. They can also view the interactions between the FCC and various providers as the complaints get resolved.

Similarly, Joseph Agresta Jr., president of Benzel-Busch Motor Car Corp., knows that convenience and efficiency are important factors of the customer experience and so he spearheaded technological improvements that allow the dealership to come to the customer. Agresta equipped his employees with tablets so that they can conduct the greeting and vehicle walk-around at service points and complete paperwork while the customer remains in the car.

He also eliminated cashiers and equipped his staff to process payments anywhere in the dealership. Finally, he equipped every corner of the business with Wi-Fi to enable his team to be mobile and flexible and to optimize the experience for customers.

Sean Rivers, director of operations technology at Republic Wireless, understands the value of insights produced from the wisdom of the crowds, so he's putting peer-to-peer communities to work to help solve customers' issues.

Under Rivers' guidance, Republic Wireless now offers a community that empowers customers to help other customers by answering each other's questions. By submitting their queries to the community, customers receive and answer or response from designated knowledgeable customers within 10 minutes. The platform facilitates Q&As, discussions around service announcements, idea management with direct interaction from the product team, and new feature labs. The community also enables customer-to-customer ticketing, which taps Expert Customers to answer 30 percent of incoming queries, thereby freeing up service agents to work on more pressing cases.

Customer experience leaders such as Bray, Agresta, and Rivers and the other Customer Champions demonstrate the innovative thinking that is essential to creating experiences that meet the needs of today's customers.

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