Emotional Attachment Drives Brand Loyalty

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Emotional attachment is an important factor in customers' loyalty to the brands they do business with. The recently published Brand Keys' 2013 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index ranks the brands that have the highest emotional attachment in their respective categories.

Emotions play an important role in customers' purchasing decisions. We don't always buy a product or service because it's the best value for money, but sometimes our choice is governed by an emotional attachment.Further, we are more likely to remain loyal to brands with which we have an emotional connection because the exchange goes beyond a monetary transaction. Instead, we feel that there's an attachment. According to Brand Keys' recently published 2013 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index®, emotional engagement with successful brands is extremely important. Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys' president, says people seek greater levels of emotional engagement with branded products and services if they are to remain loyal customers. "The rule of thumb should be to view the purchase decision-making process as more emotional than rational with estimates in most categories reporting a 70:30 emotional to rational ratio," Passikoff notes.

How many times have we made a purchase based on emotions rather than logic? Perhaps it's simply picking a chocolate bar that we loved as children at the checkout aisle in the supermarket. Or deciding to stick with the same brand of smartphone even though we know we should explore others. We might not even realize that we're making an emotionally based decision, but many times this plays an important role in our decision-making process.

According to the Brand Keys' research among 39,000 consumers, the best organizations exhibit higher delivery against emotional engagement drivers. Passikoff notes that increased expectation in personalization and a sense of enhanced personal productivity in the smartphone category contributed to Samsung snatching the top spot from Apple. Brand Keys worked out the levels of emotional engagement against a category-specific ideal that was calculated as 100 percent. The brands that drove the highest level of emotional engagement were ABC, with 97 percent, which won in the evening news shows category, Amazon, which led the online retailers category with 96 percent, while three companies ranked at 95 percent-- "Pampers":http://www.pampers.com/home in the diapers category, "Dunkin":http://www.dunkindonuts.com/' in the packaged coffee category, and "Subway ":http://www.subway.com in the quick-serve restaurants category. Here are some of the other category winners:

- Credit card: "Discover":https://www.discover.com/, 94 percent
- Automotive: "Ford ":http://www.ford.com/ and "Hyundai ":https://www.hyundaiusa.com/index.aspxtied at 93 percent
- Luxury cosmetics: "Clinique":http://www.clinique.com/, 93 percent
- Natural food stores: "Whole Foods":http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/whole-foods-market, 93 percent
- E-readers: "Kindle":http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007HCCNJU, 92 percent
- Tablets: "Amazon":http://www.amazon.com/, 92 percent
- Breakfast cereal: "Cheerios":http://www.cheerios.com/, 91 percent
- Laptop Computers: Samsung, 91 percent. Samsung also led the flat screen TV category with 88 percent and the smartphone category with 87 percent
- Soft drinks: "Coke ":http://us.coca-cola.com/ led the regular category with 90 percent while "Diet Coke":http://www.dietcoke.com/ was the frontrunner in the soft drinks category with 89 percent
- Gasoline: "Shell":http://www.shell.com/, 89 percent
- Discount retail store: "Walmart":http://www.walmart.com/, 89 percent
- Online travel sites: "Expedia":http://www.expedia.com/, 88 percent
- Social networking sites: "Facebook":http://www.facebook.com/, 88 percent
- Parcel delivery: "UPS":http://www.ups.com/, 87 percent
- Airline: "US Airways":http://www.usairways.com/, 85 percent
- Search engine: "Google":http://www.google.com/, 85 percent
- Pizza: "Domino's":http://www.dominos.com/ 84 percent
- Car Insurance: "State Farm":http://www.statefarm.com/, 82 percent
- Casual Dining: "Applebee's":http://www.applebees.com/, 82 percent
- Luxury hotel: "Inter-Continental":http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/intercontinental/hotels/gb/en/reservation, 82 percent
- Bank: "JP Morgan Chase":http://www.jpmorganchase.com/corporate/Home/home.htm, 79 percent