Evernote Boosts Sales Productivity with Data-Driven Alerts

The provider of productivity apps streamlined its sales processes to zero in on priority leads and increase customer engagement.

Evernote is a maker of productivity tools designed to help users "remember everything," -its logo is the head of an elephant-but even the company needed help keeping track of its sales leads. Founded in 2007, Evernote offers software that allows people to capture, organize, and find information across multiple platforms. The company has roughly 150 million individual users worldwide and its enterprise solution, Evernote Business, is used by more than 18,000 companies.

Even though Evernote receives a large number of inbound leads from its customer base, updating CRM reports and reviewing dashboards can be time consuming. Evernote's sales team needed a more efficient way to identify and follow up with high-value prospects. The company selected enterprise software provider Brisk to help it streamline its reporting and sales processes.

"Salesforce is the go-to sales tool that we live and breathe with but we have so much data that it can be overwhelming," explains Emma Page, director of worldwide sales at Evernote. "Brisk helps us stay on top of our sales leads and focus our priorities on our high-value prospects. It's like a smart to-do list with alerts."

Brisk integrates into Salesforce and other enterprise platforms and sends sales associates reminders about contracts that are about to expire, prospects who have not responded within a certain time, missing data, and other tasks. Evernote first learned about Brisk two years ago via its sales team in Zurich, who were using a free version of the solution. When the company realized Brisk complements Salesforce in helping sales teams aggregate data and prioritize leads, Evernote brought in its IT department to install Brisk across all its sales divisions.

The Evernote sales team implemented Brisk's premium solution at the end of 2014. Since then, Evernote's pre-sales division has seen its productivity increase by nearly doubling the number of tasks it handles on Salesforce in the same amount of time. Additionally, its Europe sales team reported approximately 30 percent of time was saved combing for leads, which also increased productivity and shortened the daily workflow.

Evernote's efforts to improve its sales opportunities are in line with the company's ambitions to drive more growth and revenue. The next step for the company's sales team is to become more efficient in engaging and supporting existing customers, says Josh Zerkel, who oversees post-sales activities as director of worldwide account management and training at Evernote.

"One of the things is we're building out is a health score for our customers which we'll filter into Brisk," Zerkel says. "A customer's health score will include things like the age of the account, seat changes, and number of trouble tickets filed, so that we can quickly address any issues."