Innovative Use of Social Media

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The Global Poverty Project is encouraging customers to share information on social media for a chance to win tickets to a concert, helping the organization raise awareness about its mission.

Social media is offering new ways for organizations not only to reach out to their customers, but also to allow these clients to promote their favorite brands among their social networks. A number of organizations are finding innovative ways to engage with their customers while at the same time promoting themselves over social channels.Recently, I heard about a concert in Central Park, scheduled for later this month. Interested in getting tickets, I did a quick Internet search and came across an article that provided more information and a link. I was somewhat surprised to learn that rather than buy tickets for the concert, those interested in attending the Global Festival had to earn their right to enter a competition to win tickets.

A main differentiator was that instead of asking customers to enter their names for their chance to win a ticket, the concert organizers, Global Poverty Project, encouraged customers to share information on Twitter and Facebook, with each action earning them points that entitle them to participate in the raffle for tickets. Further, the more articles a person shared, the more times their name was entered in the competition, making increased engagement attractive for customers.

This initiative was perfect for an organization that wants to raise awareness about global poverty. The Global Poverty Project enticed music-lovers with the chance to win free tickets, urging them to share information about its mission with their network. The organization took a medium that many of its target audience is already using and encouraged customers to promote the concert to their friends, who would also need to share the information for a chance to win tickets.

Social media gives brands an opportunity to really engage their customers and increase word-of-mouth publicity. Not only is this a low cost mode of communication, but because prospects are learning about it from their friends, it is likely to have a greater impact.