For Its 10-Year Anniversary, JetBlue Recommits to Customer Experience Excellence

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As JetBlue reflects on its 10-year anniversary, we look at what the company's commitment to customers really means.

Yesterday I flew from Barcelona, Spain, to New York , returning from my vacation. The flight landed 90 minutes EARLY, something I've never experienced before as an airline passenger. Thanks to Delta for surpassing my expectations and creating a great experience.

I wanted to mention it because it's rare to hear someone discuss a great customer experience around airline travel. Most news you hear is bad news. Take JetBlue's Valentine's Day Ice Storm three years ago. People were stranded on the tarmac for hours, leading to changes in federal regulations and a new commitment to the customer on the part of JetBlue. As the company reflects three years later while also celebrating its 10-year anniversary, we look at what the company's commitment to customers really means.In today's issue of 1to1 Magazine's Weekly Digest, we highlight Mila D'Antonio's investigation of JetBlue's customer strategy. Specifically, the company took steps to improve employee engagement and focused on Net Promoter Score to track success.

Because engagement is so closely tied to JetBlue's revenue, the company also developed a five-factor engagement model to assess how crew leaders impact crewmember effectiveness. The five factors include: treat your people right, do the right thing, communicate with your team, encourage innovation, and inspire greatness in others.

Mila's article shows that even companies with positive customer reputations can always improve in the name of the customer. In JetBlue's case, the airline had already created a customer-focused culture, so the infrastructure and internal buy-in for change were somewhat easy compared to the atmosphere at other companies. But the potential for bottom-line and reputational improvement should trump any logistical or cultural obstacles to a customer-focused culture.

Have you flown JetBlue lately? Do you think the company has improved its reputation? What more can it do?