JetBlue's Home-For-The-Holidays Stunt

Customer Engagement
JetBlue creates a positive brand image after surprising passengers with a flight home for the holidays.

The holidays are over and what remains are the extra few pounds that many of us have piled on while celebrating with our loved ones. And, of course, the memories of the holiday season.During a very busy time of the year, it's not uncommon for busy organizations, especially retailers, to forget the importance of a great customer experience. Others, however, are trying their utmost to deliver beyond their promises and immortalize a positive brand image through original stunts.

Last month--at this point it's last year--I wrote about two airlines that were leveraging the holiday cheer in their messages. Canadian airline WestJet, in particular, made the headlines after it granted the holiday wishes of passengers on two of its flights.

Now it was JetBlue's turn to give something to a handful of unsuspecting customers. The New York-based airliner identified a number of people who were using Craigslist's rideshare section to find an economic way to get home for the holidays. It then surprised them with a ride home--on one of its planes.

Of course, JetBlue cannot fly all those trying to find an inexpensive way to be with their loved ones over the holidays. But its actions showcase an organization that understands the true meaning of the holidays and is using its resources to bring a smile on people's faces.

Further, the stunt is helping create a positive feeling about the airline. After all, once the holidays are behind us, the memories will persevere. Savvy organizations are making sure to deliver memorable experiences and create positive brand images that will remain alive beyond the holidays.