Keeping the Brand Promise

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Organizations need to make sure they're maintaining the promises they make to their customers. A necessary step is analyzing customer feedback to ensure that the experience is in line with the brand promise.

Trust is very important in relationships, including those between a company and its customers. Unless customers trust a brand, they are more likely to leave for the competition if a better offer comes along or even just to try something different.Keeping promises is essential in building trust. Customers are not going to want to do business with companies which don't keep their brand promise. Especially today, customers are well equipped to tell the world when an organization fails to align its customer experience with its brand promise.

Last week 1to1 Media looked at the importance that organizations deliver upon their promises and we discussed the findings during a one-hour tweet-up with the participation of Robert Reneau, senior web business manager at semi-conductors manufacturer Intersil. The company conducts regular customer surveys to monitor whether it's meeting its brand promise to be "Simply Smarter." These are some of the insights shared during the conversation:

@intersil Mining feedback is an opportunity to optimize the user experience for better adoption #1to1voc

Savvy organizations are tapping into customer insights in order to have a better understanding of the experience that they're delivering, allowing them to iterate successes and be agile in changing problems before they spiral out of control.

@ValaAfshar Companies need to hear voice of employees - listen loudly, engage kindly, and co-create value. #1to1voc

Frontline employees are an important part of the chain and can give insight into what customers are experiencing but not necessarily saying. Afshar continues: "If we can delight our internal customers, we are that much closer to delighting external customers."
@DonPeppers Customer feedback is a gift. Accept graciously and unwrap enthusiastically. #1to1voc

While most companies appreciate feedback, there are still those which don't take customer complaints well. Instead, organizations should be grateful to these clients who are taking the time to share their opinions. Business leaders also need to keep in mind that these vocal customers are probably voicing the concerns of a bigger cohort who opt not to share their experiences.