Oklahoma City Thunders Game-Winning Frontline Staff Relationship Strategy


Innovative companies have come to learn that creating one-to-one customer experiences starts with building a culture around training, empowering, and rewarding employees who deliver service that's targeted to customers' behaviors, wants, and needs.

In this Take 30 with 1to1 Media webcast, Pete Winemiller, senior vice president of guest relations for the NBA's OKC Thunder, details the franchise's game-winning front-line staff engagement platform, "EECEducate, Evaluate, Congratulate." The strategy provides an outline for the quality standards frontline staff members demonstrate to provide a customer-centric fan experience, the tools necessary for the organization to understand employee performance, and the means to recognize and reward employees delivering on the organization's customer experience strategy.


Key highlights of this 30-minute webcast include:

Advice for training and motivating employees to deliver customer-centric experiences across all touch points

The knowledge to design and maintain a culture of problem-solving

The tools to empower your frontline staff to deliver on the customer experience