The Oldest Form of Media

Best Practices: When Customers Are the Network

The most influential form of media is the oldest form of media, according to the ninth edition of the Simultaneous Media Usage Study from BIGresearch, based
on a survey of more than 15,000 consumers. The research suggests that encouraging word of mouth among customers could be one
of the most effective marketing options. When asked which media most influences their purchase decisions in various product categories, consumers' choices didn't align with advertising expenditures, with the exception of TV advertising. For example:

In the electronics category, the top five influences when buying electronics include:

  1. Word of mouth -- 42.6%
  2. Read an article -- 34.1%
  3. TV broadcast -- 32.3%
  4. Newspaper inserts -- 32.0%
  5. In-store promo -- 27.2%

Percentage of the top five measured media spending by electronics/ home furnishings (which includes electronics and appliances):

  1. Word of mouth -- NA
  2. Read article -- NA
  3. TV broadcast -- 36.2%
  4. Newspaper inserts -- 4.4%
  5. In-store promo -- NA