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One-on-one interactions with customers help organizations stand out among their competitors. Their efforts will reap results by wowing customers and turning them into advocates.

Organizations that take the time to engage in one-on-one interactions with their customers are standing out among their competitors. And yet, not all business leaders are investing in such interactions, allowing their companies to really have a two-way conversation with their customers.This deficiency in targeted communications that are geared towards the individual rather than the segment makes truly personalized interactions even more appreciated. Just on Monday I had a first-hand experience that reminded me how important these interactions are.

Over the weekend my husband and I tried a bottle of Italian wine made from the Falanghina grape variety. Since we really liked it, and had never come across that grape variety beforehand, we decided to email Moore Brothers, from where we normally buy wine, and ask whether they had any in stock.

Within less than an hour Moore Brothers replied, explaining that they didn't have that type of wine since they don't work with any producers in Southern Italy. It's already great that they took the time to reply to an email so quickly. But Moore Brothers didn't stop there. Instead, they included the tasting notes for similar wines that they had in stock at their Manhattan store.

Some people might look at this interaction as a sales pitch. If it was, it worked. But because it was made in a timely fashion, in response to an inquiry from our part, and relevant to what we needed, it wasn't intrusive or creepy. Instead, I have more respect for the organization and plan on continuing to shop from them.

Relevant and personalized interactions are key and Moore Brothers excels in this regard. A few months ago I stopped by their store for a bottle of red wine that would go with the boeuf bourguignon that I was planning for dinner. I was approached by one of the employees who helped me select a good fit amidst the hundreds of bottles that threatened to overwhelm me.

Hopefully, there are many other businesses doing their utmost to really engage in one-on-one interactions with their customers and prospects. Their efforts will reap results by wowing customers and turning them into advocates. They're the ones who customers will remember and recommend to their friends or to the whole world over social media. We'd like to hear about them.