Renee Cacchillo, Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology, Safelite AutoGlass

Cacchillo leads a cross-functional team to envision the customer of the future.
Customer Service

The High Achiever

As the Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand and Technology at Safelite AutoGlass, Renee Cacchillo approaches every opportunity with passion, vision and a burning desire to make lasting improvements. It's no wonder then that the customer-centric approach that she introduced when joining the company in 2011 has taken hold throughout the entire organization. For the past several years, Cacchillo has led a cross-functional team in envisioning the customer of the future. Improvements included managing the customer recovery department and having technicians available for appointments when and where the customers need help.

Why is she a Customer Champion?

Renee has spearheaded customer-driven improvements across the company from customer services and marketing to IT and workforce management.

Champion In Action

After learning a technician enlisted a friend to record a video using sign language to explain repairs to a deaf customer, Renee developed official company videos in American Sign Language and Spanish. These are available today to all technicians through their company-provided smartphone.

Such advancements have allowed Cacchillo to continue to grow in her role. This year she began a new journey: To help spearhead the IT team while continuing to lead customer experience and marketing. Working with the IT team was a logical addition to Cacchillo's responsibilities because Safelight's technology team had access to reams of data that could help the company evolve at a faster pace to meet the needs of the customer. "We had been collecting a lot of data from NPS surveys that we weren't mining," Cacchillo explains.

"For me, this brought on the question, what do people not like [about Safelite's customer experience?] and what I found were many comments about what could be improved, like our website." In her current role, Cacchillo has led improvements to the company's website based on customer feedback.

They included making the site accessible across devices from a PC to smartphone or tablet; reducing the number of steps to schedule an appointment or obtain a price quote, and adding more visual tools like videos and images that help customers enter the right information about their vehicle. It has also led to several automated customer experience enhancements like "On-My-Way" text alerts that are sent to customers prior to appointments.

Cacchillo has also recently implemented a workforce management system called FlexForce through a partnership with Kronos that helps managers create efficient labor schedules and streamline operations. This impacts the customer experience by helping technicians better manage their schedules and show up for appointments on time.

Big Results

As a result of simplifying the online scheduling process, Safelite saw a 12 percent increase in the number of consumers who scheduled appointments compared to last year. Additionally, online requests for quotes went up 66 percent and the company's Net Promoter Score increased three points this year, which the company attributes to the improvements it made to its customer experience.

For other companies that want to improve their customer experience, it's important to listen to customer complaints-as well as compliments, Cacchillo says. "Make sure you're also listening to what you do well, because you don't want to accidentally change something and cause harm," she advises. "Don't change just for change's sake."