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Our new book Extreme Trust has been accumulating some extraordinarily good reviews lately.

Our new book Extreme Trust has been accumulating some extraordinarily good reviews lately, including two independent critiques from two professionals who know what they're talking about (and what we're talking about): Bruce Kasanoff and Maz Iqbal. More than ten years ago, each of these gentlemen worked for us in a consulting and management capacity, Bruce in our Stamford office, and Maz in our UK office, so they're each quite familiar with the rationale, methodology and difficulties involved in customer-centric competition. Moreover, each has moved on to a level of independent professional recognition, Bruce with two business books to his credit -- Making It Personal (2002), and Smart Companies, Stupid Companies, and Maz as the proprietor and chief author of the prestigious The Customer Blog (UK).

We've never known either Bruce or Maz to refrain from speaking his mind, and so it's gratifying that they each have quite positive takes on the arguments we put forward in Extreme Trust. Bruce's entire review can be read directly at Amazon.com, while Maz's rather lengthy, three-part synopsis and critique of Extreme Trust is summarized at Amazon, but can be read in its entirety on thecustomerblog.co.uk.

Bruce and Maz draw comparisons between Extreme Trust and our very first book, 20 years ago -- The One to One Future. Maz, for instance, says "The One to One Future was a delight to read and it said what needed to be said about the state of marketing and spelled out the future. Extreme Trust has a similar flavour and provided me with a similar experience," while Bruce had nearly the same impression: "17 years ago, I bought The One to One Future and ended up reading the whole book in my car. I literally could not put it down, it was filled with such a clear vision of how business needed to change. That book changed the path of my career, and life. This one is even better."