Wowing Customers with a Personal Touch

Customer Engagement
Customer Experience
Targeting customers with personalized messages will help organizations remain top-of-mind and improve the customer experience.

Customers want relevant messaging that's targeted directly to them. And yet, despite being well aware of this, a number of companies fail to make the effort to communicate with their customers in a truly personalized manner.Instead, several organizations are just filling our mailboxes with what can easily be considered junk. Unfortunately, physical mailboxes don't have a junk folder and we have to go through the process of sorting through our mail to find the few that we will even consider opening.

So, it's refreshing when a company goes out of its way to send a truly personalized letter. This happened to my husband after he bought a new suit from Brooks Brothers for an upcoming wedding. Since he needs to match the other groomsmen he needed a particular suit. Valerie, the sales associate who helped him, was able to find this particular suit at another outlet and have it brought over to the store without any difficulty.

That's pretty much the service one would expect at any retailer. What we didn't expect was the hand-written thank-you card that Valerie sent my husband a few days later. The note went beyond thanking my husband for shopping at Brooks Brothers. Valerie also remembered why he needed the suit and included a personalized wish: "Have a blast at the wedding."

This is an example of customer data being put to good use by a savvy frontline employee. And it's surprising that not all organizations are trying to make this personal connection with their customers. They don't even have to send a handwritten note; an email will suffice as long as it's personalized.

As customers we're inundated with messages and with a dwindling attention span, many of these communications are simply falling on deaf ears. It has never been more difficult for organizations to be forgotten and in order to avoid this they have to go over and above their call of duty to wow their customers. An outstanding experience is not always enough. Customers want to feel special and personalized communications can mean the difference between a one-time customer and an advocate.