Building the Contact Center of the Future


Where do you see yourself in five years? This is a question most job candidates know all too well, and it's an important one because how you answer it suggests your personal drive and hunger for success. In theory, the same holds true for the enterprise and its long-term company vision.

Most companies are constantly playing catch-up when it comes to keeping pace with customer trends. This is especially true when it comes to providing service where and when customers want it. With the proliferation of using mobile and social channels for inquiries and support, coupled with customer expectations of real-time responses, companies are struggling to meet demand. If this is today's reality, how will companies be able to respond to customer demands in three, or even five years?

The contact center of the future isn't just about technology, though. To attract, engage, and retain customers, companies will need to provide agents with real-time customer insights so they can conduct knowledgeable and relevant conversations. This includes access to transactional, behavioral, attitudinal, and other vital customer data. Such insights will also enable organizations to reach out to customers proactively to address issues before they percolate.

In this complimentary 1to1 Webinar, panelists provide business leaders with insight into:

How the contact center of the future will look and the capabilities it will encompass.

How customer expectations for future support will progress across channels, including social, mobile, and chat.

Which tools agents will need to resolve customer issues faster and more effectively.

How cloud-based contact center services will evolve to meet changing customer demands.

Why the customer-company relationship will change, creating additional opportunities for building loyalty and customer lifetime value.


Martha Rogers, Ph.D. founding partner, Peppers & Rogers Group

John Blumchief, illuminator, Infinite Green Consulting Inc.

Mariann McDonagh, chief marketing officer, inContact

Tom Hoffman, executive business editor, 1to1 Media