Cisco Takes Customer Listening Seriously


Today, customer listening is essential for a company to grow its relationships with customers and to improve upon its services and offerings. At Cisco, customer listening has become a strategic play. As such, it has evolved into an enterprise voice of the customer program that's become engrained into the company's culture.

In elevating its customer listening program, Cisco has deployed a variety of technologies and strategies to enable prompt and accurate customer feedback analysis and response, including customer and employee listening posts, text and sentiment analytics, social media monitoring, and targeted on-demand surveys.

In this complimentary 30-minute webcast, 2013 1to1 Media Customer Champion Karen Mangia, Director, Listening Services Center of Excellence at Cisco, chats with 1to1 Media Editor-in-Chief Mila D'Antonio, about the company's enterprise voice of the customer program and how Cisco gathers, analyzes, and acts on customer feedback.


Attendees will learn:

The methods and technologies involved to help Cisco understand all customer pain points

The process for sharing customer insights with the entire organization

The ROI that Cisco has realized as a result of its multi-faceted customer listening program