Creating a One-to-One Dialogue Through Social Interaction


The online marketing discussion is no longer solely about behavioral targeting. It's also about companies creating rich opportunitiescontests, communities, polls, games, and other approachesfor fans to engage with their brands, and by doing so, attracting their circle of friends to the brands as well.

Top brands are using these engagement devices as a bridge for transitioning prospects to the company's one-to-one direct marketing programs, and to build profitable customer relationships as a result. Thisnew white paper by Peppers & Rogers Group and ClickSquared delves into this budding strategy.

Readers of this complimentary paper will be able to:

Gain value from the dramatic changes occurring in social media.

Discover the right tools and techniques for developing engaging relationships with "fans."

Understand which approaches to social marketing resonate best with customers.

Determine the metrics that are most meaningful for measuring the business impact of social strategies.

Connect the dots between social and other channels for efficiency.