Five Tips for Applying Quality Monitoring and Speech Analytics to Propel the Customer Experience


Many contact center leaders rely on quality-monitoring tools to identify gaps or shortcomings in agent performance to boost operational efficiency.

But sagacious executives are expanding the use of quality monitoring to include speech analytics which helps identify gaps in the customer support experience. Companies are then able to instruct agents on where to focus their efforts to bolster the customer experience and close the gaps.

Supported by expert insights from inContact and 1to1 Media, this 1to1 Tips & Takeaways guide provides five valuable recommendations for using quality monitoring and speech analytics to improve agent performance and elevate the customer experience.


Readers of this guide will learn:

How quality monitoring can be used for agent/team improvement

How the agility and flexibility of the Cloud spans borders

How best-in-class companies are getting it done

The correlation between customer satisfaction and business performance outcomes