The Impact of Personalization and Trust on Customers Wallets

The science of next-generation tactics to increase customer spend

Personalization is one of the hottest topics of 2014. Marketers everywhere can testify to the significant impact of personalization on customer retention rates, lifetime customer value, customer advocacy rates, and average revenue per transaction.

But, marketers often find themselves at a crossroads. While effective personalization tactics can dramatically increase consumer loyalty and spend, distrust of specific brands can prevent users from sharing their data, making it difficult for marketers to match their offers to the specific needs and profiles of their customers.

So, how can companies gather valuable customer data, increase brand trustworthiness, and do personalization right so it pays off? Find out in this complimentary webinar featuring Martha Rogers, Ph.D., founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group; Patrick Tripp, senior product marketing manager at Adobe, and Mila D'Antonio, editor-in-chief of 1to1 Media. They discuss the customer personalization spectrum and how "trustability" is crucial to optimize every aspect of the customer lifecycle.


Key takeaways include:

Tips for overcoming your data challenges

How to personalize for the multichannel, multi-device consumer

Ways to avoid the personalization "creepy" factor

How personalized relationships thrive on trustworthiness

The competitive advantage of being honest and trustworthy

Quick wins to advance your personalization efforts


Mila D'Antonio Editor-in-Chief1to1 Media

Martha Rogers, Ph.D.Founding Partner, Peppers & Rogers Group

Patrick Tripp, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe