Tapping into Artificial Intelligence to Fortify the One-to-One Customer Relationship


Companies today know a lot about customers and prospects, including their behaviors, attitudes, and preferences. The biggest challenge has been to take advantage of this information to provide customers with highly relevant and personalized messaging, service experiences, and offers.

A company that is able to deliver tailored experiences and offers to customers typically sees a noticeable improvement in business performance: "Customers who feel that their needs and interests are being catered to competently will be more willing to continue doing business with a company," says Don Peppers, founding partner at Peppers & Rogers Group.

Achieving this state of nirvana has been a Holy Grail that most marketing leaders have been unable to attain. In most cases, data silos or a lack of resources are often the culprits. In this complimentary event, Don Peppers, founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, and Elizabeth Farabee, vice president of marketing at Yseop, will examine the types of personalized interactions that can occur between companies and customers that can lead to symbiotic relationships, and how technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence, are helping to make this promise a reality.

Key highlights of this live 1to1 Webinar will include:

  • Why personalized and relevant interactions are key to business survival in today's competitive market
  • Current limitations for maximizing the use of customer data and ways to get past these impediments
  • How artificial intelligence is used to build dialogues with customers and to craft highly personalized messaging, offers, and service experiences
  • Real-world examples of applications that build one-to-one relationships and drive successful business outcomes


  • Don Peppers Founding Partner,Peppers & Rogers Group
  • Elizabeth Farabee, Vice President of Marketing, Yseop
  • Tom Hoffman, Executive Business Editor, 1to1 Media