The 3 C's of Marriott Rewards' Successful Social Media Strategy


Social media has become an important part of the travel industry, revolutionizing it by increasing guest engagement. Marriott's loyalty program, Marriott Rewards, is one of the leading travel brands capitalizing on this trend by successfully using social media to enhance the customer experience and increase loyalty.

Marriott Rewards achieves this through a social media philosophy that aims to keep life at the center of the story, not hotels, programs, or deals.

In this webcast, Michelle Lapierre chats with Mila D'Antonio about the details of the Marriott Rewards' social strategy, as well as current trends in social engagement for the wider hospitality industry.

Key takeaways include how Marriott Rewards:

  • Treats fans like friends, rather than customers
  • Increases Facebook fan acquisition and engagement
  • Drives traffic to partner sites
  • Increases enrollment into a loyalty program through social
  • Develops social campaigns that drive positive sentiment
  • Adds 'fun' into their social media environment