Earning Customer Loyalty with Proactive Service


Two years ago, Dave Carroll enthralled viewers with his United Airlines anecdote. His video "United Breaks Guitars," was posted on YouTube for all to see. This is clear testament that today's digitally inclined customer simply will not tolerate shoddy servicethere's too much competition for that.

Customers have the power to broadcast experiencesgood or badto millions of people. And although it's virtually impossible to eradicate negative customer comments altogether, companies can get out in front of customer support issues by offering proactive service in the contact center.

Proactive customer service represents an opportunity to provide customers with relevant and meaningful support based on an understanding of their interests and anticipated needs. Companies can also use proactive service to differentiate themselves from competitors, and strengthen customer loyalty.

This new white paper will help senior-level executives explore the advantages of employing a blended, cloud-based contact center to:

Deliver proactive service at just the right moment to the right customer

Assimilate proactive service best practices from industry leaders

Lower costs and increase contact center agent productivity