LEGO Builds Kid-Friendly Social Forums to Foster Creativity and Friendship

Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Through fun and imagination, the toymaker's social community expands upon the brand promise by clearing the path for safe, creative storytelling and educational opportunities.
Silver: Social and Mobile Engagement

Business Boost: Since launching its new social community, "get to times" have dwindled from 8 hours in January 2012, to 56 minutes in December 2012, contributing to the 62 percent climb in user interaction.

Playtime has always been an innately social activity, enabling children to make friends and exert energy at the same time. But, for children growing up in today's technology driven world, "play" often revolves around the mental, not the physical. For LEGOSystems Inc. fans, the brand's creative roots have grown into an interactive forum that allows children across the globe to create together using their imaginations to role-play and write stories they can share with the entire community.

While LEGO's off-domain communities, such as LEGO Facebook and LEGO Redbrick, offer lively ways for fans to interact, LEGO wanted to provide users with the same exceptional service and experience on directly. To do so, the company needed to move its current forums to a more interactive platform to ensure users would not only view content, but actively engage and participate, as well. Just as the LEGO brand continuously reinvents its products, the company's social presence needed a refresh to recapture and retain fans of all ages, while maintaining the company's overarching values-imagination, creativity, fun, learning, caring, safety, and quality.

However, as with all new platforms, LEGO had to handle the potential dangers that come along with data migration. Often times, when transferring customer data to a new platform, companies run the risk of losing customer account information in the process. Though potentially problematic, LEGO guaranteed no information from its 2.4 million existing users and more than four million posts was lost by taking extra precautions and investing additional funds, successfully transferring 100 percent of its existing data to ensure there were no disruptions in the user experience.

With the help of Lithium Technologies, LEGO also tackled poor moderation response times to improve the user experience and boost both employee and customer engagement. Though "get to times" had dwindled from 72 hours in 2010, to eight hours in January 2012, LEGO found these long periods to be counterproductive in light of its social enhancement goals. The new initiative, however, repurposed LEGO's talented team of resources in a newly formed group to manage, engage, and moderate with the LEGO message board community. Efficient moderation allows users to have more conversations more often, while the specific emphasis on staff engagement encourages users to participate, create, and share their work even more.

Now, moderation times have decreased to 56 minutes as of December 2012, contributing to the 62 percent climb in user interaction. Moderators and users also provide constructive and positive feedback on shared stories, boosting user confidence and inspiring them to write more and hone their skills.

"Praising stories also makes kids feel good, and we have a really good community feel now," says Mark Fothergill, head of children's community and moderation at LEGO Systems, Inc. "The kids are forever telling us that they feel special and that it really gives them a spring in their step on a daily basis. This seal of approval from other users and moderators spurs them on to write more and more, and become good writers."

Users continue to leave encouraging feedback, thereby thrusting LEGO's desire to inspire and educate into the center of its social engagement strategy. The company's new social ranking structure also pushes users to post high-quality stories and comments, as the new system bases success on the content, not quantity. Not only has this structure helped decrease spam, but users are no longer posting frequently just to boost their standing. Instead, users are striving to better themselves by developing their skills and embracing LEGO's underlying emphasis on learning and imagination.

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