Little Touches Make the Customer Experience Memorable

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Customers have short memories and good experiences might soon be forgotten. However, little touches can help companies leave a lasting impression.

They say the devil is in the detail. And in fact, it's the little details that can make a difference between a great customer experience and one that is just ok.Forward-thinking companies have been finding ways to turn simple transactions into memorable experiences that customers will remember every time they think about the brand, turning them into loyal customers and advocates.

It was a few small touches that made my vacation at St Lucia's Sugar Beach Resort one that I will never forget. I was already expecting a nice hotel room, good food, and great service; after all, my husband and I had chosen the hotel based on a fantastic time we had at the same place last year.

Yet, what made last week's trip really special for us was the attention of each and every staff member on my husband's birthday, that fell during our trip. Many people have come to expect a small token when they inform a restaurant or hotel of a special occasion. Craft, for example, creates special menus when a couple is celebrating an anniversary. But the staff at Sugar Beach outdid themselves. When we went back to the room after dinner, we could hear soft music coming from inside. My first thought was that one of us had left the radio on. Instead, as soon as we entered, we realized that candles had been lit around the room, there was a bottle of sparkling wine on ice on a stand next to the bed, and there was also a banner on the wall, wishing my husband a happy birthday.

We were both surprised. After all, the restaurant had just brought out delectable desserts. This was definitely an unexpected treat.

Many customers have short memories. Good experiences are remembered for a short while but their impact fades as time goes by. Great experiences, on the other hand, are the ones that will always be ingrained in our memories, leaving us with a good feeling about a brand and making us want to continue doing business with that company. More organizations should take a page out of Sugar Beach and Craft's book and find a way to turn an experience into one that customers will never forget.

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