Loyalty Program Insights Improve the Destination Hotels & Resorts Customer Experience


This year guests of Destination Hotels & Resorts (DHR) have even more to look forward to than pristine beaches and manicured golf courses. Those who enroll in DHR's new loyalty program, Destination Delivers, now receive relevant, targeted offers based on their specific preferences.

The 37-year-old resort management company launched Destination Delivers in January, with the help of Air Marketing, to drive promotions and communicate with DHR customers in meaningful ways (thank-you emails, departure emails, etc.) Maureen Callahan, vice president of DHR says, "Destination Delivers is an identity that we adapted to deliver a unique experience to customers."

The program works like this: When a customer signs up for Destination Delivers, they note their property and resort activity preferences. Afterward, the customer automatically receives an email embedded with a personal URL. When the customer clicks on the PURL he will be sent to a site to view offers, discounts, and information pertaining to what he indicated he likes to do at his preferred properties. DHR can analyze which discounts are working the best.

The entire program operates from Air Marketing's Cyclone technology, a marketing database that houses DHR's data. Additionally, Cyclone uses predictive modeling to tailor the PURLs and then automates the communications through DHR's touchpoints, according to Richard Cassey, vice president of AIR Marketing.

The rich insight from Destination Delivers members has allowed DHR to tailor its marketing, as well. "We have to be sensitive to customers by emailing them what they want and when they want it," she says.

Callahan says the initial results have been positive. Since its launch in January the program has grown to 8,000 members. In the first 60 days DHR generated more than $500,000 in revenue from rooms and package bookings that members act on based on promotions they receive, which is significant ROI, according to Callahan. "In this day and age, customers want things that are engaging and they want value," she says. "This program allows us to stay very competitive and to gain affinity from our consumers. We are now going to have a campaign with them that is very relevant."

Callahan says Destination Delivers will help DHR continue to grow in this volatile and competitive market. DHR is in the process of building a social media program, too. "We want our customers to talk about us," she says. "This will continue to become a benchmark signature program."