Timucin Guler, Assistant General Manager, Marketing and Communications, Opet

Guler's customer loyalty strategies and innovative engagement tactics have helped transform Opet into a data-driven, customer-centric company.
Customer Experience

The Problem Solver

When Timucin Guler joined Opet, an oil and fuel company based in Turkey, the company faced a number of customer experience headwinds: Opet did not have a centralized customer engagement strategy, nor did it have a system for collecting and acting on data insights, and its call center services were disconnected from the rest of the company. By introducing customer loyalty strategies combined with innovative engagement tactics, Guler helped transform Opet into a data-driven, customer-centric company. For instance, Guler introduced the "Excellent Service Program" to keep track of customer satisfaction levels and give customers an opportunity to provide feedback.

Why is he a Customer Champion?

Timucin introduced initiatives and campaigns that enabled the company to take a proactive approach to improving the customer experience and make customer-centricity a brand differentiator.

Champion In Action

Timucin introduced a system for collecting customer feedback that streamlines communication between the company's call center and its gas stations to allow agents to alert managers of customer service issues before they escalate.

Under the Excellent Service Program, after an Opet Card or Opet WorldCard holder completes a transaction at one of the company's gas stations, the cardholder is contacted through an outbound call or text to determine whether or not he was satisfied with the service.

If the customer gives a negative response, the Opet Call Center follows up with that person to learn more about the unsatisfactory experience. Information from the call is then shared with the station manager and with upper management to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Guler has also spearheaded partnerships with other companies to extend the benefits of being an Opet customer.

Some of the campaigns he introduced include an opportunity to earn air miles through a partnership with Turkish Airlines, as well as points that can be applied to discounts at Arcelik, a household appliances manufacturer, among other partnerships.

Big Results

Guler's efforts to streamline the company's operations and make them more customer-focused has yielded significant results. Opet attributes part of its success as the second-largest company in Turkey's fuel sector with 936 gas stations and an 18 percent market share to its focus on the customer. Additionally, for the past nine years, Opet has earned the highest customer satisfaction index score in its sector in an annual survey conducted by Turkey Quality Association and the University of Michigan.