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Loyalty programs are an important part of a company's strategy. In a 1to1 Media Tweet-Up, Dave Canty JetBlue's director of loyalty marketing, spoke about how the airline's loyalty program and how it acts as a differentiator from the competition.

Forward-thinking business leaders recognize the value of their loyal customers and are striving to find new ways to reward their most loyal customers. Savvy organizations are using their loyalty programs to differentiate themselves from the competition.JetBlue is one organization that is giving a lot of thought to its loyalty program, as Dave Canty, the airline's director of loyalty marketing, noted in an interview. According to Canty, JetBlue starts with listening to its customers. "Listen to your customers first, don't put something out there for the sake of it, be different, innovate by executing better," Canty noted yesterday when he joined 1to1 Media for a Tweet-Up: "JetBlue Revolutionizes Its Loyalty Program."

Using the hashtag #1to1loyalty, Canty noted how JetBlue's customers want to make a difference and asked the company if they could use their points for causes that are dear to them. This led JetBlue to join forces with loyalty technology provider Kula Causes to allow loyal members to use their points for a good cause. Here are some of Canty's tweets from yesterday's event:

Everything we do starts with the customer, it's their feedback and suggestions that inform our future & it builds trust. Culture matters in all that we do & our program being based on customer feedback is a true reflection of that, listening counts - Dave Canty ‏@Tremdave

Canty emphasizes that a company also needs to be loyal to its customers.

Loyalty starts with how customers relate to your brand. It's about us being loyal too, we need to consistently deliver - Dave Canty ‏@Tremdave

While the company puts a lot of emphasis on listening to its customers, it doesn't leave out its crew members.

We see all our crew members and customers as citizens of our brand. We run everything by our crew members first - Dave Canty ‏@Tremdave

It's not only customers who benefit from a robust loyalty program. The organization also stands to gain.

The benefits are a customer that is more engaged with your brand. we also develop long term relationships, it just makes sense - Dave Canty ‏@Tremdave