1to1 Media 30-Minute Webcast: Cabela's Flips the Funnel on Its Customers

1to1 Media and Cabela's discuss how a segmented behavioral modeling approach to the customers' journey revealed that shopping at the outdoor retailer isn't a linear process.



Mila D'Antonio
Editor-in-Chief, 1to1 Media

1to1 Media and Cabela's to discuss how behaviorial modeling can help
companies engage with customers as they increasingly
shop in a non-linear ways.

STAMFORD, CT, October 27, 2014 -Rich Warnaka, Cabela's Manager of User Experience; and Mila D'Antonio, 1to1 Media's Editor-in-Chief, invite you to register for a complementary on-demand 30-minute webcast available October 27th. Mila D'Antonio will interview Warnaka about the behavioral modeling strategies that Cabela's employed to break down the customer journey and build up the customer experience.

Busy marketers and customer experience professional can learn how Cabela's applied behavioral modeling to understand customers' context, social structure, previous experience, and motion of behavior on their own time. This webinar explores the context around the various phases of decision-making and how it affected the buying process at the outdoor retailer. Attendees will have access to Cabela's experience and insights, including these key take-aways:

  • The critical components of behavioral modeling (patterns, context, touchpoints, roles, etc.)
  • How Cabela's designs experiences to fit customers' behaviors
  • The results of Cabela's context-rich behavioral engagement strategy targeted to each buying stage.

To register for this complimentary Take 30 webinar on-demand visit: http://go.1to1media.com/cabela's-pr

For more information about Cabela's, visit:www.cabelas.com

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