The 5 Imperatives for Data-Driven Marketing Success

Customer Experience
Integrating real-time analytics with customer insights empowers marketing leaders to better understand customers and deliver richer, more relevant experiences

In today's highly-competitive, fast-paced business environment, it's harder than ever to retain and attract valuable customers. Following and understanding customer preferences and behaviors is further complicated by the complexity of their cross-channel interactions.

In this 1to1 Media Webinar, industry thought leaders Don Peppers, founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group; and Jeff Jones, VP of solutions consulting at Teradata, reveal the steps that marketing leaders can take to make data-driven marketing sizzle.

Key takeaways include how to:

Break through the silos both within marketing and between marketing and other departments that can fracture customer experience, undermine customer engagement, and erode business performance

Build a consolidated, holistic view of customers that captures their behaviors and preferences, and then use that information to deliver contextual and relevant experiences

Align individual accountabilities and incentives with the customer-specific marketing and sales actions that data suggest are most appropriate, and treating different customers differently in an integrated fashion

Identify opportunities for using customer data that's often overlooked

Draw upon best practices from leading practitioners that are bolstering business performance through the effective use of data-driven marketing applications and techniques



Don Peppers Founding Partner,Peppers & Rogers Group

Jeff JonesVP, Solutions Consulting,Teradata

Tom Hoffman Executive Business Editor,1to1 Media