The Recipe for Melting Pot's 'Perfect Night Out'


Studies show that customers today hit the road when they don't like the human side of doing business with a company. At The Melting Pot, every employee takes careful aim at preventing such incidents from happening. They strive for service perfection, an overall attitude motivated by the companys customer-centric core.

At the core of its strategy is The Melting Pot's "Perfect Night Out," a policy which empowers employees to go above and beyond for customers and to put their needs first.

In this webcast, Mike Lester, president at The Melting Pot, chats with Mila D'Antonio, editor-in-chief of 1to1 Media, about what it takes (from training to recognition) to empower employees to create memorable customer experiences for each and every customer.

Watch this webcast to learn:

  • The Melting Pot's methods for encouraging employees to adhere to its service standards and focus on guest satisfaction
  • Lester's approach and philosophy for aligning the organization around its customer-centric standards
  • The tenets of "The Perfect Night Out" service policy
  • Real-world examples of employees who have gone above and beyond for customers