12 Ways the Telecom Industry Tunes in to the Customer Experience

Customer Experience
Evolving strategies to meet the modern consumer's needs

Today's telecommunications industry is facing fiercer competition than ever before. With the advent of new and innovative technologies, and an intense focus on improving the customer experience, leading telecoms are poised for exponential growth.

We've pulled together an invaluable asset for telecom executives looking to take their companies to the next level.

This set features 22 jam-packed pages of carefully selected articles by 1to1 Media.

Download the collection now for fresh ideas and insights on meeting the changing needs and behaviors of today's telecom consumers.

Here's what you'll get!

  • How T-Mobile embraces online customer care to strengthen loyalty
  • Executive Q&As with Verizon and Optus
  • 5 suggestions for telecom companies to lock in loyalty
  • A look at the future of video for telecoms
  • And more!

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