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Mila D'Antonio
Editor-in-Chief, 1to1 Media

1to1 Media highlights 14 case studies in which businesses reveal their strategies to improve customer satisfaction in a new e-book.

STAMFORD, Conn., October 31, 2014 - 1to1Media highlights 14 case studies in which businesses reveal their strategies to improve customer satisfaction in a new e-book. Find out how brands, including Vail Resorts, Expedia CruiseShip Centers, and Texas Roadhouse, are deploying customer engagement strategies, improving the customer experience, and making the case for customer investments.

These days, delivering optimal experiences across the customer journey is a crucial part of being customer-centric. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for business leaders to make a compelling business case based on creating differentiation and long-term customer loyalty without proof points.

"Customer experience professionals are in constant search of proof points to show their executive teams that investments in the customer experience pay off," said Mila D'Antonio, editor-in-chief of 1to1 Media. "We're hoping this e-book can provide business leaders with the tools they need to help advance their customer experience efforts."

Some case study examples from the e-book include:

Texas Roadhouse Improved its geo-tagging, allowing the restaurant chain to engage better with potential and faithful customers on social media in a geographically relevant way.

Gold's Gym collected feedback about different elements through social media and surveys. The feedback is shared with individual gyms, which are ranked against each other allowing chains to replicate the best practices.

Expedia CruiseShip Centers implementeddata-driven digital marketing solution that uses behavioral data to optimize email marketing campaigns.

To download a copy of the e-book: http://slidesha.re/17o1nzF

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