1to1 Media Recognized as a Top 20 CRM Blog of 2010

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June 9, 2011, STAMFORD, CT- "Think Customers," the editorial blog by the independent publishing division of Peppers & Rogers Group, 1to1 Media, has been recognized as one of the Top 20 CRM Blogs of 2010. ForecastingClouds, an information source dedicated to all things related to CRM and ERP, read through thousands of blog posts and asked for input from readers over the past year to determine the top 20 blogs based on content, quality and frequency.1to1 Media fell in the top half of the list for the second year in a row.

ForcastingClouds praised the educated insight of the four bloggers: Ginger Conlon, Mila D'Antonio, Elizabeth Glagowski and Tom Hoffman, highlighting the critical eye of Mila and Elizabeth. They also pointed out that guest bloggers and video interviews by Tom helped to set the blog apart from the rest. The high quality of the 1to1 Media blog allowed it to break through the e-clutter as a stand out. As Chris Bucholtz noted, "there aren't many blogs worth checking on daily - this is an exception to that rule."

"Recognition like this is so meaningful because it shows that we're achieving our mission to engage and inform our readers," said Conlon, 1to1 Media's Editorial Director. Visit the 1to1 Media blog at www.1to1media.com/weblog

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