2015 Media Kit - 1to1 Media

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1to1 Media - Media Kit 2015

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An interactive community of over 130,000 business decision-makers. With over 58,000 page views per month and more than 12,000 monthly blog page views, 1to1media.com is a great place to advertise.

1to1 Media's Weekly Digest

Our award-winning e-newsletter is delivered every Monday to 30,000 Marketing, Sales, and Service customer experience executives.

Interactive Marketing Programs

High impact visibility with over 130,000 registered 1to1media.com users and 30,000 Weekly Digest opt-in subscribers.

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Use your existing content to drive leads. Feature your content across our integrated channels, 1to1media.com and 1to1
Magazine's Weekly Digest.

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This is an exclusive opportunity to promote your message to our engaged and responsive 1to1 Media audience.

1to1 Media Partner Insights

Gain access to our database by showcasing your content in this monthly mailing to senior level executives responsible for marketing, sales and service. White papers, e-Books, infographics, on-demand webinars, and more are all acceptable, as long as it provides value for our readers.

1to1 In Action Series

A low-cost, lead generation program designed to connect our readers with solutions providers. A great way to showcase
your expertise.

1to1 Media Content Syndication Program

Have an existing asset you would like to promote in the marketplace while getting qualified leads for your company? Allow our sales and marketing team to review your asset and create a personalized program to promote your content. Drive quality leads from our database- guaranteed!

1to1 Webinars

A turnkey, interactive web event designed to showcase your company's solutions. Align your brand and value
proposition with the innovative thinking and customer strategies of 1to1 Media.

1to1 Media Industry Events Listing

List your upcoming live or webevent and reach our readers who are looking for events that are relevant and will help them do their jobs better. We'll drive traffic to the Event Listing via our newsletter, homepage and social channels.

1to1 Media Award Programs

Don't miss the opportunity to nominate a client for either of our awards- it's a great way to nurture a relationship and raise awareness of your company. The 1to1 Media Customer Champions and Gartner and 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards Programs have both expanded over the past year and will continue to grow in 2015.

1to1 Media Custom Reprint Services

Leverage your 1to1 Media Editorial Coverage with a 1to1 Media Custom Reprint. Use this to promote and support your sales and marketing efforts.