7 Ways to Customer Happiness

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What is it that will make customers comes back to you?

What is it that will make customers comes back to you? You need to find out what motivates your customers to give you their loyalty; it's different for different people, Gartner Fellow and Vice President Steve Prentice said during his keynote this morning at the Gartner Customer Strategies & Technologies Summit 2012 in London. Prentice shared seven ways to customer happiness:

Gain customers attention: Be where your customers are and learn what their interests are, and then communicate with them with relevance. Also, it's a must to get social and mobile.

Focus on the customer experience: This is important because people will pay more for virtually the same thing. It's the experience premium that keeps people loyalty. The experience is what makes your brand unique.

Think moments: How did you make customers feel at that point of customer experience? As Maya Angelou famously said, people remember how you make them feel far more than the interactions themselves.

Span the channels: Think about how customers will access you. People use different channels for different reasons. There will continue to be new channels and devices; everything will continue to change.

Make it fun: Gamification is extremely powerful. It's simply how to get customers to take specific, desired actions.

Make it about customers: Customers should think that a relationship with you is all about them. It's about customers making choices and feeling good about those choices.

Feel or die: Unless you can get customers to actually feel something about the relationship they have with you, your organization is headed for its demise.