American Airlines Social Service Soars


Social service is rapidly becoming a mainstream channel for serving and engaging a brand's customers. American Airlines is no exception. The company is using a variety of social channels to interact with customers, respond to their issues, and help them get a better understanding of the business.

American Airlines has experienced tremendous success from engaging in social; so much so that it has created a dedicated team of customer service agents tasked with operating the airline's social channels and sharing insights with the rest of the organization.

In this complimentary 30-minute webcast, Annette Hernandez, manager of social customer service at American Airlines, will talk with Mila D'Antonio, editor-in-chief at 1to1 Media, about the Airlines' strategy for its dedicated team of social service agents.


Join us live to hear more about:

The necessary skills and training for a dedicated social service team to succeed

How to empower agents to make decisions in social that benefit the customer

Getting the timing rightknowing when to engage with customers via social