Avoiding Customer Experience Blunders

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When it comes to designing, delivering, and optimizing the customer experience, it's amazing how many mistakes companies make. Recently, experts in the space have been busy writing about how to avoid making such blunders.

1to1 Media's own Judith Aquino identified some of the biggest myths that can undermine a business's efforts to improve the customer experience and how to avoid those pitfalls in her feature this week.

Elizabeth Clor wrote about "5 Customer Experience Myths Debunked." "Customer Experience Management can be tough. While most companies have begun to embrace a customer-first mindset, few of them have concrete strategies and plans in place to make "customer-first" a reality," she said.

Frank Eliason pondered if CX has become too big. "Many early adopter companies started CX investments very early as CX started to gain popularity. Now I am watching many of those same companies scaling back on these efforts. There are multiple reasons why, but one of the key aspects is they did not see the results they wanted to see. This was not always due to the CX teams, but instead the expectations these executives built up in their mind."

In "5 Customer Strategy Killers You Need to Get Over," Jeannie Walters shared some thoughts on ways to let go of the items that don't matter as much as we'd like them to. "There is so much to be done around customer experience. Let's not make it harder by focusing on things that we should really let go," she said.

And in "Where's the Magical Customer Experience Button," Ben Salmon discussed the elements that comprise customer experience. He talked about how many companies expect technology to magically the best customer experience without defining it first.

What's stalling your customer experience strategies? What are your frustrations and goals?