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Customer Experience
Best-in-class contact centers are able to adapt to the behaviors of cross-channel customers and anticipate their future needs to drive loyalty and customer value.

As new devices and technologies continue to emerge, customers fully expect companies to be able to follow the course of their journeys from one channel to the next. Being forced to repeat issues can serve as a business disabler. Customers who endure such disjointed experiences will quickly become frustrated and pursue business with companies that are able to respond to their needs more quickly and knowledgably.

In this 1to1 Webinar, inContact Chief Marketing Officer Mariann McDonagh, Martha Rogers, Ph.D., founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group; and Tom Hoffman, executive business editor at 1to1 Media, will discuss the key factors that are affecting the way in which customer service needs will be delivered in the future in order to retain existing customers and add new ones. This includes the impact that different types of channel support can have on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Specifically, attendees will learn:

How cloud contact center service can provide companies the flexibility to support customer interactions in different channels, and with new types of functionality

Factors that are shaping how customer service is becoming a competitive differentiator and its impact on business performance

Exclusive insights from an inContact/Harris Interactive study on how the availability of multi-channel support options can impact satisfaction and loyalty

Examples of companies that are benefiting from cloud contact center services and delivering leading-edge customer support capabilities



Mariann McDonagh Chief Marketing Officer,inContact

Martha Rogers, Ph.D.Founding Partner, Peppers & Rogers Group

Tom Hoffman, Executive Business Editor, 1to1 Media