Cabela's Flips the Funnel on Its Customers

Customer Experience
Designing experiences to fit customers' behaviors

When analyzing customer behavior, retailers often turn to tools like market segmentation or personas to better understand the different types of user groups. But this approach often overlooks the different stages a consumer goes through in making purchasing decisions. In an effort to understand how the company engages with customers, Cabela's applied behavioral modeling to understand customers' context, social structure, previous experience, and motion of behavior.

In this 30-minute webcast, Rich Warnaka, manager of User Experience at Cabela's, speaks to Mila D'Antonio, editor-in-chief, of 1to1 Media, about the steps it took to apply a behavioral modeling approach to the customer journey.

Attendees will learn these take-away's:

  1. The critical components of behavioral modeling (emerging patterns, context, touchpoints, roles, etc.)
  2. How Cabela's designs experiences to fit customers' behaviors
  3. The results of Cabela's context-rich behavioral engagement strategy targeted to each buying stage