Clean Sweep - The 2009 Gartner & 1to1 Customer Awards

Customer Experience
Customer Experience
2009 Gartner & 1to1 Customer Award winners surpass their competition with customer strategies that propel business results.

Customers are an organization's most valuable asset. Companies that operate their businesses with that belief-companies like the 2009 Gartner & 1to1 Customer Award winners-understand that building customer value also builds organizational value and brand.

"Especially in today's economic climate, it should be obvious that focusing on the most basic drivers of value in a business-that is, customers-is the soundest policy," says Peppers & Rogers Group cofounder Don Peppers. "These award winners understand and act on the principle that customers are the 'root cause' of every single dollar of shareholder value ever realized."

Through our joint awards program, 1to1 Media and Gartner spotlight excellence among organizations that have swept past their competition by implementing customer-focused strategies that significantly improve business performance. The 2009 Gartner & 1to1 Customer Awards honor exceptional results in six categories: Customer Strategy, Organizational Transformation, Customer Service Optimization, Enterprise CRM Optimization, Marketing Optimization, and New Media.

A panel of judges that included Gartner analysts and other industry experts reviewed the nominations and selected the winners in each category. "By honoring these winners, Gartner recognizes the efforts of exceptional people, projects, and organizations in focusing on building out the best experience a customer can have," says Gartner Research Director Johan Jacobs. "These awards are recognition of your CRM achievements by your customers, your peers, and a dedicated group of leading industry CRM analysts and will stand as case studies for others to follow." The winners will be f?d by those peers during the 2009 Gartner CRM Summit.

The 18 Gartner & 1to1 Customer Award winners will reveal how their unique combination of such strategies as boosting employee engagement, harnessing social media to gain actionable insight, and integrating channels to create a unified operation allows them to deliver a common result: the ability to clean up against their competition and deliver an exceptional customer experience that drives profitable growth.

The Winners:

Customer Strategy

  • Gold: Cigna
  • Silver: Netezza
  • Bronze: American Family Mutual Insurance

Organizational Transformation

  • Gold: Oriental Trading Co.
  • Silver: eHarmony
  • Bronze: E.ON UK

Enterprise CRM Optimization

  • Gold: iRobot
  • Silver: Distance Minnesota
  • Bronze: National Cable Networks

Marketing Optimization

  • Gold: Research in Motion
  • Silver: EMC
  • Bronze: ShipServ

Customer Service Optimization

  • Gold: Motorola
  • Silver: Black & Decker
  • Bronze: Bath & Body Works

New Media

  • Gold: Accenture
  • Silver: Barnes & Noble
  • Bronze: SmartyPig