Customer Centricity in the City

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Everyone has a place they love to go because the customer experience is so fabulous.

Everyone has a place they love to go because the customer experience is so fabulous. Yours may be a restaurant, boutique, hotel, or spa. It may even be a bank or gym or dry cleaner or copy shop. Or perhaps a gallery, theater, or museum. And the reasons you delight in the customer experience at your favorite place are as varied as the places themselves. The reason you enjoy the customer experience may be because of stellar customer service, but it could be due to the atmosphere, or that the company always delivers on its promises.

On January 26, Peppers & Rogers Group founding partner Martha Rogers, Ph.D., and I are hitting the streets of Manhattan to visit the city's most customer-centric destinations and talk with their managers about the strategies behind the customer-focused approach. We'll be posting videos of the interviews to YouTube throughout the day, as well as checking in on FourSquare so you can be a part of the journey no matter where you're located--all as part of Peppers & Rogers Group's Social Media Week.

Here's where you come in: Whether you live in New York or visit there, you likely have a favorite place to stay, shop, bank, eat, play, etc., specifically because of its customer experience. Please use the comments section below to tell us the name and location of that place (e.g., the Marriott in Times Square, the Starbucks on 7th Ave. and 49th St.), as well as what you like most about its customer experience. We're going to plan our journey based on your feedback.

Thanks for your input!