Don Peppers and Martha Rogers Named 2013 DMA Hall of Fame Inductees

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Mila D'Antonio
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Founding partners of Peppers & Rogers Group honored for their "exemplary vision."

STAMFORD, CT, Oct. 15, 2013 - Peppers & Rogers Group, a TeleTech company, is honored to announce that the company's founders, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, will be inducted into the Direct Marketing Association's Hall of Fame on October 15, 2013 at the DMA 2013 Conference and Exhibition in Chicago. Don and Martha are the originators of the "one-to-one marketing" philosophy and have built a global brand with the customer-centric consultancy Peppers & Rogers Group. For more than 20 years, Peppers & Rogers Group has helped clients transform their businesses by improving customer relationships and company value with every interaction.

Peppers and Rogers' roots trace back to the marketing world. Before the Internet, social media, or CRM systems, they foresaw a world in which companies large and small could enable direct relationships with consumers and treat them as individuals to create the most value possible. Their 1993 book, The One to One Future (1993) was named by Inc. Magazine's editor, George Gendron, as "one of the two or three most important business books ever written." The DMA embraced the concept from the start, and its members have worked tirelessly to make the one-to-one vision a reality.

"It's a tremendous honor for us to be recognized by the DMA," said Don Peppers. "It was in the marketing arena where the notion of a one-to-one relationship really took hold. It's amazing to be recognized by such an influential organization, which played an important role in realizing the vision of what a one-to-one future could be."

Following the success of the One to One Future, Peppers and Rogers published eight more books that explore the idea's expansion into a larger business context. In a rapidly changing world where old and new channels converge, customer relationships are more fragile and complex than ever. Their latest book, their ninth together, Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage (Penguin, 2012), suggests that social networks and rapidly increasing transparency have combined to raise customer expectations regarding the trustworthiness of the companies and organizations they deal with.

"The ideas introduced in the One to One Future are as relevant today as they were 20 years ago," said Martha Rogers, Ph.D. "This recognition is a testament to the fact that building one-to-one relationships isn't a fad, it's just good business. We are thrilled to be honored by the DMA, and we hope this reignites a passion in business leaders to strengthen their commitment to a customer-focused way of doing business."

"The exemplary vision and thought leadership from these nominees demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to customer-focused business strategies, begun long before our current 'customer-centric' age," said Linda A. Woolley, DMA president and CEO."We applaud their remarkable and prescient work in business and relationship-management strategies, as well as their prolific combined authorship."

Established in 1978, the DMA Hall of Fame honors direct marketing professionals whose outstanding career contributions have contributed to the practice, growth, and stature of the direct marketing community.Each year, individuals are chosen to receive this prestigious honor for their accomplishments in marketing to customers, donors, and/or prospects, and for breaking new ground with creative, response techniques, and/or analytic measurement capabilities.A committee of judges reviews each nominee and gives recommendations to the DMA Board of Directors.

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